Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tracking seminar in Latvia

Back from Latvia, I will write here a little about the seminar. Every time after seminar, there is a lot of different ideas in the head. I allways think about the dogs, about the handlers and the whole seminar and analyse, what was good and what gave good emotions.

On the way back from this seminar, I would say, that it was probably the best seminar I have ever made. I really enjoyed every second of that time. Main thing was, that there was really good selection of dogs and handlers had really good attitude and they were really professional. It was possible nearly with every dog of 16 work with such a way, that there were really movement up (even for just one training). As dogs were well built up in the basics, so it was easy to go on with them and because of that we could get much better development than usually in the whole picture. Of course, as there is different approaches and methods to train track, it was undersandable, that dogs had different backround. But they all had the capasity inside, that I could show what I wanted and get the development. As I use a lot of stress management in my method and like to put dogs to solve problems, it was nice to see, that all dogs were solving problems in a proper way.

Specially I liked one working line malinois female, which had good and clear head, she was selfconfident and if she got correction and was put into stress situation, she acted really nice. It was like wax in hands and it was possible to shape it. I liked the way how the dog could handle problems without getting hectic and nervous. It was obvious, that beside the dog also hander has trained dog well to maintain the positive part of the dog. I also liked one white sheperd, which had good drives and was tough enough to take correction and hanler stress. Very often dogs from this breed are little soft and do not have such a good nerves. These are just some excamples of the dogs, I liked. It does not mean, that I did not like others. Like I said, it was possible to work with all of them.

I think, that because of the good selection of the dogs and handlers, also all people got more out of the seminar. As I could show much more in the basis of different dogs, what I think, what is my method and way and how people should train different level dogs.

I really would like to thank organizers Iveta and Maris for excellent organisation, all people for such a nice attitude and participation. That is sure, that it gave such a good impression, that if there is a need, I will find place in my calender to come back.
I would say, that look out Estonia, Latvia is coming with force and speed:))

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